In the first part of our blog series on first looks, we mentioned the advantages of having a first look on your wedding day.

As an overview, it makes sense to have a first look for the following reasons:

  • They can ease anxiety
  • They can simplify logistics
  • They can make for a great photo opportunity

Disadvantages Of Having A First Look

If you’re still on the fence, though, we wanted to mention the disadvantages associated with having a first look. It’s not the right move for every couple, and that’s an absolutely fine decision to make!

They Break Tradition

You could argue that it’s 2019 and traditions are meant to be broken, but, for some couples, the traditional aspects of a wedding are imperative. Tradition is what grounds the wedding in love, faith, and culture.

If you subscribe to wedding traditions, then it’s not necessarily advisable to have a first look. Instead, you’ll want to experience that earth-shattering moment of seeing your partner walking down the aisle or waiting for you. Family and friends will surround you with love and emotion, adding even more dimension to the scene. There’s truly nothing that can compare to this moment — not even a private first look.

They Are Not Private

While first looks might always seem picture-perfect in photos, they’re not usually as serene as they look. If you’re picturing your partner walking toward you while birds sing, a soft wind gently blows, and privacy fills the air, think again.

For one, your photographer will be there cuing every single moment of the first look. They’ll tell you when to walk, how to walk, if your left hand looks awkward in your pocket, and when to turn around. It can be a relatively private moment still, but there will be at least one other person experiencing the moment with you.

They Cause Stress

Because of how popular first looks (and the ensuing photos) can be, there’s a lot of pressure surrounding the moment. Whether you decide to do the classic shoulder tap, use a blindfold, or have each partner see each other at the same time, there’s an implicit expectation of emotion. If there aren’t mutual tears shed, was the first look a failure? If there isn’t a loving embrace, does someone not look great in their wedding outfit? As a result of this pressure, individuals can feel awkward and end up looking rehearsed or cold.

While this might seem hyperbolic, the idea is that a first look can put a lot of unnecessary expectation onto both partners.

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