What song to choose for your first dance might seem like a tiny detail. Especially when you have big decisions to decide like your wedding venue, what you’re wearing, and your guest list to decide, a three-minute song might seem superfluous.

You’ll be surprised to find just how much the decision of your first dance song matters. Not only is it a song you’ll play for the next decades of your life together, but it’s also a moment that sets the tone for the entire reception. Your first dance song should be meaningful, dynamic, poignant, and entertaining. That’s a whole lot of emotion to squeeze into a few beats.

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Popular 2019 First Dance Songs

If you need some inspiration, we’ve compiled some of the most popular 2019 first dance songs. From experience as a wedding venue, there’s no wrong choice for a song — just find one that you and your partner love and that makes you feel great. That’ll be contagious for everyone.

Leon Bridges – “Beyond”

For an R&B, soulful vibe to start your reception, look no further than Leon Bridges. With appropriate lyrics for happily ever after (“You might just be my everything and beyond”), this song hits all the marks for a great first-dance song: easy to groove along to, catchy, and sentimental without being too sappy.

If you like the sound of this song but don’t want a song that’s too popular, check out the rest of Bridges’s discography.

Lukas Graham – “Love Someone”

If the title doesn’t give you enough information, this song by Lukas Graham is a home run for your reception. It has a great beat that doesn’t make the song feel too slow, but that keeps it easy enough to dance to. Plus, the lyrics are all sorts of sentimental for your special day.

Jason Aldean – “You Make It Easy”

If you’re staying true to your Texas routes and want to feature country music at your wedding, “You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean is a great place to start. With lyrics like, “you’re my sunshine in the darkest days my better half, my saving grace,” this song speaks to all aspects of an epic love.

Kacey Musgraves – “Butterflies”

For the sounds of a female singer, Kacey Musgraves has a beautiful voice. She also adds a country twang if you want that in your reception. This song details a love story where the couple supports each other, raises each other up, and, of course, still gives each other butterflies.

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