If you look at any of the latest wedding trends, you’ll probably see something mentioned about paperless invitations and RSVPS.

This decision might seem like a no-brainer — you either want to sent invitations in the mail, or you don’t. While that’s the decision, it comes with more implications that you might think.

At Alegria Gardens, we’ve helped couples plan their special days for years and years. We’ve seen some wedding trends (naked cakes, long veils, and customized wedding cake toppers) come and go, and we’ve seen others become fixtures of the modern wedding.

Traditional vs. Online Wedding Invitations Explained

Given our experience, our wedding venue in Katy wanted to offer a few thoughts on traditional vs. online invitations and RSVPs. At the end of the day, there’s never a wrong decision.

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Benefits of Traditional Invitations


There’s just nothing like a hardcopy of a wedding invitation. You might think they stay on people’s fridges for a few weeks and then hit the trash can, but this isn’t necessarily true. Grandparents frame paper invitations as soon as they get them in the mail; parents use them to create wedding scrapbooks that become even more meaningful over the years; and, even friends keep them in miscellaneous memory drawers.

Older Guests

You know your wedding crowd better than we do. If you’re inviting a lot of people who tend to be old school, they will certainly prefer a paper invitation. In fact, it’s not just about preference. A lot of older people will not be able to effectively navigate online RSVP systems. They might end up needing more help and take more time with this unfamiliar system.

Tradition and Formality

If you’re having a black tie wedding, then a paper invite follows that level of formality. To set the tone for your ceremony and reception, especially if it’s fancy, then a paper invite is the way to go.

Benefits of Online Invitations

Less Waste

For a green wedding, one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to go paperless. Instead of sending out save-the-dates, invitations, and RSVPs which all require paper, you don’t need to rely on anything but the Internet.

Easier To Keep Track Of

Who uses snail mail anymore? Pretty much everything is easier to organize online, and wedding guests lists are no exception. When you have a wedding website where people can RSVP (don’t forget to include it on the invites!), you have an automatic system to keep track of who’s coming.

You can also invite people to separate wedding weekend events, such as the rehearsal dinner and after parties, so you don’t need to stuff extra paper into the invitation.

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As you get deeper into wedding planning, you’ll find that it’s a constant battle between convenience and elegance. Luckily, at Alegria Gardens, we combine both.

Our wedding venue was inspired by Paris, so it’s elegant, charming, and sophisticated — and we also feature vendors such as caterers, DJs, wedding planners, and much more to make your day as easy to plan as possible.

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