While we’d never go as far as to say that wedding cakes are becoming obsolete, we have noticed a marked shift in the wedding dessert scene over the last five years.

Many couples, whether they’re trying to save money or want to bend a few traditions, have opted for alternative desserts. Some might have a cake and additional desserts; others might go cake-free and have an entire dessert buffet.

Let There Be No Cake

If you and your spouse-to-be are trying to cut costs or have never felt particularly drawn to the idea of smashing cake in each other’s faces, check out these popular dessert alternatives!

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Our wedding venue decor is Parisian in nature, so we couldn’t help but speak about macarons. Because macarons can be so easily customized (in color, size, and icing), they’re a really popular wedding dessert alternative. They taste like a hybrid between a cookie and cake, but they’re packed into a bite-sized morsel.

As such, macarons are much easier for your wedding guests to eat as they groove on the dance floor. They don’t need to be cut into, ceremoniously sliced, or even plated. Plus, macarons are easy enough to tier, so you can still get the aesthetic you want from a wedding cake.


Donuts might not seem elegant enough for a wedding, but they’re always a fan-favorite. Like macarons, guests can grab a donut easily and bring it with them to the dance floor, bar, or back to the table. Instead of opting for plain glazed, many trend-bending couples choose brighter, showier donuts. This way, the donut tower is more special and eye-catching.

Another advantage of donuts is that they’re cost-effective and ever-popular. Who could turn down a donut after a night of dancing and celebrating?


For a more savory option, cheese wedding “cakes” are increasingly trendy. Cheese wheels naturally lend themselves to form tiers, and it doesn’t take a professional baker to construct the tower. You can garnish the cheese tower with grapes, fruits, jams, honeycomb, and other cheese-friendly accompaniments.

Cream Puffs

Cream puffs — called croquembouche in French — combine the best of both worlds. They have the sweet, creamy taste of donuts with the hand-held, single-bite quality of macarons. They’re not as messy as donuts, either.

These delicious bites can be arranged into a tier if you want the look of a wedding cake — without the cost associated.

Prepared Wedding Cakes

While these dessert alternatives are a great choice for some couples, sometimes they just don’t make the cut. If you and your partner want a traditional wedding cake without the hassle of finding a bakery, Alegria Gardens can help.

Our wedding venue offers a cake option to make your planning as stress-free as possible. This way, you can check one more thing off the list.

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