When it comes to planning your wedding, no detail is too small. Spending time now on the little touches — like boutineers for the gentlemen and which color linens you choose — can make your big day all you dreamed and then some.

Imagine trying to do this detail-oriented planning without the help of your trusted crew — the ones who were by your side when the Walkman and cassette tape still existed to the newest additions in your BFF circle. Your sisters, your brothers, your best friends.

Gift Ideas For Your Bridal Party

How do you convey how appreciative you are of this support? You’d buy these folks the world if you could, but that budget is already going toward your wedding venue, ensemble, and reception.

Check out these ideas for gifts bridal parties will love, cherish, and actually be able to use.

Comfortable Robes

The idea of giving a robe isn’t the newest in the playbook, but it’s a classic bridal party gift for a reason. For one, you’ll spend most of the morning getting ready in close quarters at your wedding venue. You’ll be sipping on mimosas while you get your hair and makeup done for a few hours — and the last thing you want to do is pull a shirt over your newly done styling.

Robes, for this reason, are supremely practical. If you think your bridal party won’t wear the robes after the wedding, think again. Robes are something people don’t usually buy for themselves, so they make an excellent gift.

Yoga Mats

For the right crowd, monogrammed yoga mats can make an om-some gift. If yoga is an important part of your wedding — maybe you’re doing some morning yoga to blow off some steam before the ceremony, or perhaps you have a yoga retreat planned for your bachelorette party — then a yoga mat makes perfect sense.

Plus, yoga mats are relatively affordable and can be easily customized to fit the preferences of your bridal party.


Jewelry is a timeless bridal party gift because it’s practical and beautiful. Plus, it saves you the issue of worrying whether your bridal party will look nice and uniform on the big day. When you give them each a necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet to wear, you can ensure your bridal party looks put together.

Water Bottles

What’s more practical of a gift than a monogrammed water bottle? Believe it or not, one of the hardest things to remember on your big day is to stay hydrated. Your wedding planner is handling all the florals; your hairdresser is doing all the fancy up-dos; but who’s in charge of making sure you don’t faint while you walk down the aisle?

Having tasteful, monogrammed water bottles is an excellent way to make hydration front-and-center. Plus, these bottles are reusable and make a lasting gift.

Polaroid Cameras

If you want a technology-free or limited wedding, there’s no better way to encourage it than with Polaroid cameras. While old-school Polaroids are expensive and difficult to find, you can use easily find other instant cameras that serve the same purpose.

Your bridesmaids can capture your wedding day as it’s happening — and all those silly, special moments leading up to the ceremony and reception.

Luggage Tags

If you’re having a destination wedding, or if your bridal party has to travel, then luggage tags are a thoughtful gift idea. Get your crew excited about the wedding, the bachelorette party, and all the traveling between.


We know. We know. Flasks aren’t the most original gift idea for a bridal party — but they’re popular for a reason. Monogrammed flasks are fun, easily personalized, and relatively affordable. If you want to get the party started before the actual reception starts, then flasks are a tried-and-true way to go.

Bridal Party Kit

Why settle for one gift when you can give your people a bridal party emergency kit instead? Stuff it with tissues, eye makeup remover, lip gloss, bobby pins, bandaids, ibuprofen, sunscreen, or anything else you think your crew might need in a pinch. If you want to keep this emergency kit cute and personalized, you can still have it custom monogrammed and house the items in a cute bag.

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