It’s not long after couples get engaged when women head out to find that perfect dress. It can be exciting, frustrating, and emotional, and often all at the same time. Some women slip into the first dress they try on and they can stop their search, while others try on dress after dress and still can’t make that final decision. Our body types, whether that’s pin straight, hourglass, or oval, can sometimes make the task challenging. But when you have your wedding venue scheduled, the guest list is complete, and the big day is getting closer and closer, it’s time to pick a dress! If you need some advice on how to pick a wedding dress that will look amazing on you, here are some tips.

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Ball Gowns

We know that you may not really want to look like Belle from The Beauty and the Beast in a bright yellow dress at your wedding, but this is exactly what the style of a ball gown is. The dress is very large and full at the bottom and sits snugly around your natural waist. This type of dress works well for body types that are straight and boyish. The dress will come in at the smallest area of your body and will add a curvy look as the dress opens up toward the bottom. Avoid this style of dress if you have a petite body as people will only see the dress instead of your beautiful face.


If you can imagine a mermaid, they are curvy and their fins flare out toward the bottom. The style of dress will give the same effect. Following the curves of your body, this dress is fitted and flares out below the knee. For a dramatic entry into your wedding venue, this dress is great for brides with an hourglass figure who want to show off their curves. Be mindful, though, of how much you want to move around on your wedding day. This style of dress can be constricting.

Wedding Venues Katy

Drop Waist

A unique silhouette, this style of dress is fitted toward the top of your body, still accents curvy hips, and has a slight flare that falls just below your hip line. This dress will bring the focus to your waist and middle. This dress has clean lines and is great for women who want a modern look. Avoid this dress if your body is someone boxy and lacks defined curves. This dress may make it appear as if you have fewer curves.


A beautiful and timeless dress, the A-line is snug at the top and falls into the shape of an A. One of the more popular dress silhouettes, many different body types will look absolutely stunning in this dress. The focus will be on your radiant face as you walk down the aisle of your wedding venue. Because of the looser fitting on the lower half of your body, it is easy to move in, but can also lose some of the sex appeal you may want.

At Alegria Gardens, we want every one of our brides to look and feel breathtaking in their wedding dress. We understand how frustrating it can be to find the one, but we want to help in every way we can. If you’re looking for a wedding venue in Katy, Texas, call us today to schedule an appointment.