1. Let Them Eat Cake?

    While we’d never go as far as to say that wedding cakes are becoming obsolete, we have noticed a marked shift in the wedding dessert scene over the last five years. Many couples, whether they’re trying to save money or want to bend a few traditions, have opted for alternative desserts. Some migh…Read More

  2. The Disadvantages Of Doing A First Look

    In the first part of our blog series on first looks, we mentioned the advantages of having a first look on your wedding day. As an overview, it makes sense to have a first look for the following reasons: They can ease anxiety They can simplify logistics They can make for a great photo opportunity Di…Read More

  3. The Advantages Of Doing A First Look

    In any other scenario, taking a picture of someone tapping another person on the back might be a bit strange. When it comes to the wonderful world of weddings, however, these moments — first looks — are commonplace. While the first look is just a brief moment in the grand scheme of the day, it c…Read More

  4. 4 Tips To Plan Your Wedding Menu

    As you embark on wedding planning, you’ll quickly find that some parts of the day are easier to plan than others. You and your fiance might agree totally on getting a DJ versus a live band, and you might already have the hotel block booked. For a lot of couples, though, planning the menu and food …Read More

  5. 4 Tips For Your First Dance

    When it comes to your wedding, all eyes will be on you for just about every moment of the big day. There’s perhaps no moment during your reception more important than your first dance. It’s when you’re proudly on display as a couple and every person in the crowd eagerly looks in your direction…Read More

  6. Tips For Managing Wedding Vendors

    When you picture your dream wedding, you imagine the beautiful bouquets, the hand-spun centerpieces, the amazing food, the bar, and the music. What you probably don’t envision is all the behind-the-scenes coordination that goes into planning these aspects of the wedding. It’s usually not as easy…Read More

  7. Celebrating The Grand Opening Of Our Second Location

    Alegria Gardens is excited to announce the opening of our second wedding venue location in Katy! We’ll be holding a special Grand Opening event on Oct. 28 from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., so be sure to stop by and see our amazing new location for yourself. About Our Wedding Venue Locations For the la…Read More

  8. Wedding Transportation Options For The Couple

    Remember in high school when you were mortified to be dropped off at Prom in the family minivan? Imagine that embarrassment multiplied by a thousand when it comes to your wedding day. Transportation might seem like a minor logistical decision, but it can really add elegance and luxury to your specia…Read More

  9. Choosing Bridesmaids Outfits 101

    You would think that the most difficult dress to pick out for a wedding would be the actual wedding dress. If you ask a recently married bride, though, they might tell you that choosing bridesmaid dresses is an even harder task! While there’s nothing quite as important as the wedding dress you’l…Read More

  10. Three Things To Do After You Get Engaged

    Congratulations on your recent engagement! Whether you were completely taken by surprise or whether you practically crafted the entire proposal, we hope it was everything you dreamed it would be. The first few days after getting engaged are all about letting it sink in — doesn’t it sound weird t…Read More