When it comes to your quinceañera, you’ve probably already read dozens of articles about the traditions you’re expected to uphold. Maybe you’ve already seen your dad change the shoes of your older sister, switching out flats for symbolic high heels. Perhaps you’ve been passed the Last Doll as you watched an older cousin celebrate her quince.

Traditions are a beautiful, symbolic part of any quinceañera — but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them your own.

Check out these ideas for making sure your quince reflects tradition and your own unique spirit!

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Changing Of The Shoes

If you’re into the idea of blending tradition with your own personality, the Changing of the Shoes is one of the best opportunities to let your true colors show.

You and your family know the vibe you want for your quinceañera best, so make sure to think through various implications before making any decisions.

While flats are the traditional shoe you replace with high heels, there’s no rule written in stone that you need to follow this.

If you’re an avid basketball player, have you thought about changing into or out of your basketball shoes? Heels might make the most fashionable sense with your quince ball gown, but wearing your favorite kicks has become a more common trend in weddings and quinces alike.

Think about your passions in life, and see if there’s a shoe choice that reflects this activity. If not, don’t sweat it. The point of the Changing of the Shoes is to symbolize your blossoming into an independent young woman — not necessarily into Cinderella at the ball.

The Last Doll

The Last Doll is another quince ceremony that has all sorts of potential for personality. You can opt for a traditional, decorated keepsake made of porcelain. These dolls usually feature beautiful dresses, done-up hair and makeup, and elegant details.

When you think about making this tradition your own, it helps to think about the symbolism of the tradition. The Last Doll represents a shift from childhood fun to adult responsibility. We swap toys for jobs; dolls for independence.

If you had a favorite Barbie or American Girl Doll, consider using this for your Last Doll. Giving up something real adds to the significance of the tradition.

But what if you never really liked playing with dolls? Consider getting a doll or toy that reflects what you actually enjoyed doing as a kid. If you played soccer or wanted to be in the military, what about getting a soccer player figurine or a soldier doll?

The possibilities are truly endless given the array of customizable dolls available.

There’s no wrong answer here — any doll that reflects your personality and passions is a good option!

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