First, 16th, 50th, or 80th birthday, Alegria Gardens is dedicated to putting together an event that is special and as unique as you are. Come together with your favorite people and celebrate both the past year and another year to come.

Past and Future

There has most likely been highs and lows the past year and our event venue wants to celebrate both. Working through the lows have shown that you can fight through each challenge life throws your way and has made you that much stronger. The highs have given you something to fight for, because no matter how difficult the lows have been, you know that life is always spinning and another high will come around soon.

Birthdays not only celebrate another great year, but also allow you to look forward to the future. Bring together all of those who have laughed and cried with you, motivated you, and held you hand. Celebrate with these special people the year ahead and the joy and growth that is sure to come.

How We Make Your Event Special

If you’re looking for a birthday party place that is an elegant and beautiful venue, Alegria Gardens has it all. Our party planners will get to know you on a personal level and design a space and deliver a party that shows the best of you.

  • Food: Your favorite foods and delicious desserts will be put together by our caterers to ensure your birthday party is special. Dish out unique flavors cooked to perfection by our professional chefs. We can also design a cake to celebrate your birthday in style.
  • Music: It’s not a party until there’s music. Our DJ will create a playlist filled with your favorite tunes as well as others to keep the party moving till the last present has been opened. Music can change the mood of a party, if you want a slow dance or to breakdance, our designers will ensure each request is granted.
  • Decorations: Your style and taste will be present in each decoration, whether on the wall, the ceiling, or the chairs. Your favorite color along with elegant textures will enhance our party room and provide a space that shows your personality.
  • Photography: Let our professional photographers capture each special moment of the day. Arriving at our event venue to blowing out the candles, each moment has value and will last forever.

If you’re planning a birthday party, allow Alegria Gardens to put together an event that is like no other. Whether it’s a first birthday or 80th, each birthday should be celebrated in style and elegance. Read more about us and our party rooms!

Our Packages Include:

Choose from one of our caterers and surprise your guest. Each one of our caterers will personally customize your special menu. Our Chefs have a large variety of delicious foods. Looking into hiring your own caterer? We have different options to accommodate your event.

We also have the option of providing the cake for your special day. Your cake is an important aspect and we make it easy to take that off your check list.

Limo is a service that most venus do not offer but here at Alegria Gardens we include it in the package.

Fruit With Chocolate Fountain
If you have the sweets on your special day we also have a great way to satisfy it. We have an option of white or dark chocolate so when speaking to our sales team please let them know what your preferences are.

We also have an margarita machine that can help make your day special.

Everybody needs music, we also give you the option of having a DJ. Ask for more information when talking to our event planner.

Photography & Video
Photography is usually the hardest to find good prices for. Well here at Algeria gardens we will include photography which will make sure that you can get everything else done