Wedding season is officially in full swing!

While social distancing guidelines have forced couples around the world to change or cancel their plans, we’re beginning to see a slow, cautious return to some sense of normalcy.

In a previous post, we provided you with detailed information about why Alegria Gardens should be your Houston wedding venue of choice. Be sure to read through that information if you’re in the planning stages and need to find a wedding venue as soon as possible!

In today’s post, we’re going to turn our attention to a different topic: wedding gifts.

As we’ve seen first-hand in our years of throwing wedding ceremonies and receptions, guests aren’t always sure what they should give. Read on for a quick guide you can reference as you shop for the special couples in your life, and reach out to our team if you’d like to learn more about reserving our wedding venues!

Wedding Gift Etiquette

Do: Consider the Cost of Destinations

If you’re traveling for a wedding, the couple will typically let you know that they are not expecting you to bring a gift. However, it’s still in good taste to bring a gift, even if it’s smaller and factors in the cost of travel and lodging.

Do: Give Your Gift Sooner Rather Than Later

Most wedding etiquette experts will tell you that you have a year from the wedding to give a gift. This can be particularly nice if you have several weddings to attend in a short period of time and find yourself short on cash. Keep in mind that gifts given after the wedding will require more thoughtful planning, as the couple may have purchased things they need but didn’t receive.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Give Cash

Whether you can’t find something on the registry you’d like to buy or you simply prefer to let people choose their own gifts, you can never go wrong with cash. We recommend pairing the gift with a classy card filled with warm wishes.

Don’t: Skip the Gift If You Can’t Attend

Many people are choosing to stay home instead of attending weddings due to social distancing guidelines and a justified caution when it comes to traveling. If you’re in this position, we recommend sending the couple a gift even if you can’t be there in person.

Don’t: Bring Your Gift to the Ceremony

If possible, mail or deliver your gift before the wedding. Bringing a gift to the wedding is better than not giving a gift at all, but it can be somewhat disrespectful to the wedding party. Their attention is focused on helping the couple have the night of their lives — keeping track of presents and ensuring that they’re delivered on time is one more responsibility on top of numerous others.

We plan to continue this discussion in future posts, so be sure to come back to our blog in the coming weeks and months!

In the meantime, get in touch with Alegria Gardens if you’d like to make a reservation for a wedding ceremony, wedding reception, quinceañera, belated graduations, or anything else!

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