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Alegria Gardens Reception Hall started with the goal of providing each of our customers with a one-of-a-kind, creative, and gorgeous venue for a wedding. Alegria Gardens Reception Hall is a little slice of Paris in Houston, with a French decorative motif. All of our team members are exceptionally competent to put on any kind of party, from weddings to quinceaneras to graduations to ceremonies. Please give us a call if you’re searching for a gorgeous party venue for a wedding or an event. There are many themes to choose from for your wedding. Here are a few of our favorites.

Tips On Deciding A Theme For Your WeddingTraditional Wedding

A traditional wedding theme will often be part of a classic, romantic wedding. Amongst couples, the traditional wedding theme is one of the most popular. There are a large variety of traditional wedding styles to choose from. For example, it may also mean choosing a more traditional venue such as a church service and reception or utilizing a wedding motif such as the color white. Alegria Gardens is a perfect venue for couples who are looking for a more traditional-style wedding. Leave it to us to make your wedding special.


Contemporary Wedding

Today’s wedding trends range from casual to elegant, from modern to traditional. Bright and cheerful colors are often used. Alternatively, the events may occur in a current location with sleek and simple furniture and plenty of windows or a loft-style setting. Trends such as elegant textiles, dried flower arrangements, statement installations, and velvety lounge zones are just a few of the themes to watch for when it comes to modern wedding designs. The venues that fit this type of design usually include high ceilings, wooden or concrete flooring, exposed wood beams, floor-to-ceiling windows, and modern lighting. See how Alegria Gardens can host your contemporary wedding.



One of the most popular wedding themes is a rustic wedding. Though the rustic concept may make one think of wagon wheels and old furniture, the word has a broader definition, such as “country-style.” Rustic surroundings go hand in hand with earthy materials and subdued color palettes, adding an aura of elegance. The rustic motif gives off a more casual feel that’s all about the wedding, creating a sense of calm. You could decide to bring in a bluegrass band for your cocktail hour, or you might have an outside spit-roast supper. The atmosphere is of primary importance. Accommodating visitors is essential and establishing a pleasant and casual environment where people can relax and talk is also important. Call Alegria Gardens today for more information on a spectacular rustic wedding experience.


Why Choose Alegria Gardens?

Every staff member is competent in planning various events, such as weddings, quinceaneras, graduations, and ceremonies. We do our best to provide excellent service to all of our guests at Alegria Gardens Reception Hall. Get in touch with us now to learn more about the different themes our Houston event venue  can provide for your wedding!