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If you’re like most people in the United States, then you can’t wait to throw all of the parties you weren’t able to in 2020. One way to make a birthday party even more spectacular is to make it a surprise party, but there are a few things you should know before planning one. Below, we’ll discuss a few things you should know about planning a surprise party.

As we’ll explain in more detail, you should look for a great location that can accommodate your entire guest list and be kept under wraps. Alegria Gardens’ party venues in Houston offer plenty of space for up to 250 people and are ideal for surprise parties. Give us a call to let us know more about your party, and read on for a few tips that can help you plan.

Tips To Throw A Surprise Party

Choose a Theme

The best parties have a fun and unique theme that speaks to the guest of honor’s interests, hobbies, or aesthetic preferences. If you’re throwing a party for your spouse, a close friend, or family member, then you probably already have a pretty good idea of what they’d enjoy. However, it’s always a good idea to think ahead and make a list of potential themes you could use. The last thing you want is for the right idea to come to you once you’ve already started planning!

Reserve a Party Venue

Once you’ve chosen a theme, look for a venue that can accommodate the entire guest list. Using someone’s home is always an option, but you may run into logistical issues such as parking, noise, indoor and outdoor space, and decorating options. All of these potential issues — and many others — can be solved by reserving a party venue that’s large enough for everyone on the invite list. If you choose Alegria Gardens, we can even help you with the decorating and theme!

Send Invitations

By now you’ve determined the theme, settled on a guest list, and made reservations at a party venue — now what? Now you’ll need to send out the invitations while making sure that you keep the details hidden. Electronic invitations are the easiest way to send out invitations in bulk, but just be sure to note that it’s a surprise party at the top of the invitations so that nobody skips over it and accidentally spills the beans!

Come Up With a Good Story

The most fun part of throwing a surprise party is fabricating a story and completely surprising the guest of honor with a party and venue filled with their friends and family. Everyone is different and no two stories will be the same, but be sure to give the guest of honor a chance to look and feel their best. Telling them that you’d like to take them out for a night on the town, for instance, could be a great way to get them to dress up without raising suspicion.

At Alegria Gardens, we can help you plan a great surprise party and would love to host everyone on the invitation list. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started — our calendar is filling up quickly!