Being the best man or maid of honor can be an exciting prospect, but it does come with many responsibilities. One of those being giving a speech to the newlyweds. You were chosen for the role for a reason, and this is your chance to connect your time, stories, and adventures with the happy couple. Alegria Gardens in Houston is here to help you write something memorable.

Focus On a Theme

Having a theme to your speech helps unify it as a whole. It is the takeaway of the speech, or something you want the guests to latch onto. One of the best ways to identify your theme is to make a list of your favorite stories with the bride or groom. This is a great way to brainstorm what your speech will be before fleshing it out.

Make a Blueprint

The next step in writing a memorable speech is to build the framework. This allows you to organize your thoughts and find key points that you are wanting to include. After you have found your important takeaways, you can fill in the blanks with anecdotes and stories that reflect the tone you want your audience to feel.

Focus on the Newlyweds

Most speeches given at weddings will include a couple stories of the bride or groom with the best man or maid of honor. While this is important for a personal message, don’t forget why you are in this role — to help celebrate the newlyweds! Remember, the relationship you are celebrating is about the couple getting married.

Share Feelings

Although best man speeches are known to be funny, it is usually because it can be uncomfortable sharing our feelings out loud. The speech is a great time to dig deep and find meaningful things to say about the newlyweds that you want to share with the wedding guests. It is important to not go from one joke to the next, make sure you have genuine feelings and thoughts that can celebrate the couple and help them in their future.

Giving a speech as the best man or maid of honor is a special task that allows those close with the newlyweds to shine a different perspective on the couple. Alegria Garden’s event hall in Houston is here to make the day something to remember. If you need an elegant venue for your special day, reach out to Alegria Garden reception hall today.

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